Special Warehousing

Conditioned warehouse

Especially for pharmaceutical products and other goods with strict temperature-sensitive requirements, we offer our conditioned warehouse facilities. Fully calibrated, with continuous monitoring and alerting, for optimal security. Thanks to our TAPA, FSR-A, ISO 13485, and GDP certifications, API permits, and WMS system with barcode scanning, the top condition of your goods is ensured 24/7.

Bonded warehouse

Our warehouse accommodates all imaginable goods, from small to large, light to heavy, including the possibility of a bonded warehouse. With our conveyor belt system, we are able to load or unload a full trailer with air cargo ULDs (RKN and RAP) in one go. Our ERP system supports EDI connections, so you always have insight into the goods stored with us.

Additional warehouse services

In addition to our storage facilities, we also offer you additional warehouse services, such as cross-docking, spare part logistics, AOG services, and returns. We also provide attractive VAS (Value-Added Services), such as order picking, packaging, sorting, repackaging of pallets and goods (if necessary with thermal blankets and passive packaging to ensure a constant temperature), and loading of air freight containers. Plus, complete logistics for the incoming and outgoing goods flow and Schiphol Airport delivery services.

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